A Couple Gets Into a Drunk Brawl Just a Few Hours After Their Wedding

A couple in Florida got married on Sunday . . . but then, a few hours later, they got into a drunken BRAWL.  Now they’re both facing battery charges.

The honeymoon always wears off for every couple . . . but, you know, usually it happens sometime AFTER the actual honeymoon.

A 61-year-old guy named Daniel Gillen and a 49-year-old woman named GeGee Riposta got married in Clearwater Beach, Florida on Sunday, and then, naturally, they got drunk.

But then they started arguing . . . and just a few hours after their wedding, they got into a BRAWL.

GeGee attacked Daniel and scratched him on the chest . . . then he pushed her over.

They were both arrested for battery.  Daniel was charged with a misdemeanor . . . but GeGee already has a battery conviction on her record, so she was charged with a felony.

There’s no word on how their marriage is doing.  Probably not great.


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