A Drunk Woman Fights a Man During Trivia Night at a Bar, Then Runs Laps in the Parking Lot

A woman in Florida got drunk during trivia night at a bar, then she tried to CHOKE a guy and headed outside to run laps around the parking lot.  She wound up getting arrested for disorderly intoxication.

I want to criticize this woman, but she managed to exercise her mind AND her body while she was drunk.  I’m lucky if I can do either of those things when I’m stone cold sober.

A 44-year-old woman named Jillian Stewart went to a bar in Jensen Beach, Florida earlier this month for their trivia night. We’re not sure how she did on trivia, but we know she won the party . . . because she pounded a bunch of red wine AND did a shot of Fireball with the trivia host.

Then she got into an argument with a guy at the bar.  First she tried to choke him . . . and then she headed outside and started running laps around the parking lot.

She wound up getting arrested for disorderly intoxication, but what a ride to get there.


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