A Guy Goes to the Cops to File a Complaint About His Crack Dealer

A guy in Indiana went to the cops on Monday to file a complaint against . . . his crack dealers.  He says they’re threatening him because he hasn’t paid them for all the crack he bought on credit.  There’s no word on whether the cops have busted the dealers . . . OR this guy since, you know, he just admitted to buying crack.

There’s a 62-year-old guy named Kenneth Woods, and he went to the police station in Evansville, Indiana on Monday to file a complaint. Against . . . his crack dealer!!!

Yeah, apparently it never occurred to him that complaining about your crack dealer means you’re admitting you HAVE a crack dealer. Anyway, Kenneth was upset because his dealer and his dealer’s significant other were letting him buy his crack on credit . . . but now that his debt is up over $400, they’re trying to collect. And since he hasn’t paid up, they’re threatening to mess up his car and shoot him.

The cops took down his complaint.  There’s no word if they’ve busted the crack dealer . . . or whether they’re going to bust Kenneth too since, you know, he just admitted to buying a whole bunch of crack.


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