A Guy Realizes Someone Broke Into His House When He Sees the Toilet Seat Down

A single guy in Michigan realized someone had broken into his house a few weeks ago . . . because he saw his toilet seat was DOWN.  And he found the robber had stolen his prescription drugs and passed out in his garage.  He called the cops, and the robber was arrested.

I’m thinking this is a story of a single guy who was robbed by a married guy.  And we have one CLEAR piece of evidence backing that up.

A man in Traverse City, Michigan woke up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago to use the bathroom.  And he noticed that the toilet seat was DOWN. That was suspicious, because this guy lives alone so he always leaves the toilet seat up.

So he started searching his house . . . and he was right.  He found some of his cookies and prescription drugs were missing (Santa has a problem?)  . . . and a 26-year-old stranger was passed out in his garage.

He called the cops, and the guy was arrested for breaking and entering and larceny charges.  All because he put the toilet seat down.  His wife or girlfriend will be so proud of him, you know, once he’s out of jail.


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