A Guy Steals a Motorized Grocery Cart . . . But Only Makes It Across the Parking Lot in 10 Minutes

A guy in Alaska stole a motorized shopping cart from a grocery store on Tuesday . . . but because it’s so slow, he barely made it out of the parking lot in the 10 minutes it took the cops to get there.  He was arrested for felony theft.

The big problem with trying to steal one of the SLOWEST vehicles in the world is that it makes for a pathetic getaway.

A 32-year-old guy named Rondell Chinuhuk from Anchorage, Alaska went to a Safeway grocery store in the middle of the night on Tuesday and STOLE one of their motorized shopping carts.

The employees saw what he was doing and they called the cops.  And it took them 10 minutes to get there.

But since the grocery cart tops out at two miles-per-hour, in that 10 minutes, Rondell had only made it through the parking lot and into an intersection . . . where he got stuck in some snow.

He told the cops he was just, quote, “riding the cart to have fun” . . . but he was arrested and charged with felony theft.


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