A Man Gets a New Porsche . . . Speeds . . . and the Car Is Impounded Within 10 Minutes

A guy in Australia bought a new Porsche on Saturday . . . and he was almost immediately pulled over for doing 60 in a 25.  So he got a speeding ticket . . . and his new Porsche was IMPOUNDED for 30 days after he’d had it for less than 10 minutes.

EVERYONE who’s ever bought a Porsche could’ve had this nightmare happen to them.  But only this guy actually lived it. A 37-year-old guy from Yallambie, Australia bought a Porsche on Saturday morning.  And what’s the first thing you do when you get a new Porsche?  You let it rip and see what it can do.

Unfortunately for the guy, he was almost immediately pulled over for doing over 60 miles-per-hour in a 25-miles-per-hour neighborhood. So the cops IMPOUNDED his car . . . after he’d only had it for 10 minutes.

He’s facing speeding charges, and he can’t get his new car out of impound for 30 days.


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