A Substitute Teacher Brought a Box of Wine to School, and Puked in Class

A 52-year-old substitute teacher in South Carolina showed up for class with a box of WINE in her bag last Friday . . . and got so drunk, she puked on the floor of her classroom.  She’s facing charges for disorderly conduct.

A bunch of kids in South Carolina got a preview of what college will be like last week . . . A 52-year-old substitute teacher named Judith Richards-Gartee was filling in at a high school in Columbia, South Carolina on Friday. And school administrators had to remove her from class after she got so DRUNK, she puked on the FLOOR in front of all her students. It happened around 9:45 in the morning.  She couldn’t even stand up, and they had to put her in a wheelchair to get her to the nurse’s office.

Several students said they saw her drinking in class.  Then a cop who works as the school’s resource officer noticed her handbag was open . . . and found a BOX OF WINE in it. Paramedics showed up and took her to a hospital.  Obviously the school won’t be using her as a substitute anymore.  And she’s also facing charges for disorderly conduct.



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