A Wanted Criminal Gets Caught When He Mistakes a Police Cruiser for a Pizza Delivery Car

A 29-year-old guy in Vermont somehow confused a police cruiser for a pizza delivery car on Sunday . . . walked up to get his pizza . . . and got arrested for an outstanding warrant.

The only way this makes sense is if the guy was on a whole lot of drugs, or he’s legally blind.  And spoiler alert:  He’s not blind . . .

A 29-year-old guy in South Burlington, Vermont named Michael Gonzalez ordered a pizza on Sunday, and thought he saw the delivery car pull up. So he went outside, and walked up to the car to pay for it.  It’s not clear why he didn’t just wait at his front door. But somehow, he failed to realize that it wasn’t the pizza guy . . . it was a COP CAR.  And not an unmarked car, an actual police cruiser.

The cops ended up running his name, and he had an outstanding WARRANT.  So they arrested him, and found a small amount of heroin and ecstasy in his pockets. Then they realized the friend he was with was ALSO wanted for petty larceny, and they arrested him too.

Michael was due in court yesterday, but we haven’t seen any updates yet.  There’s also no word on his buddy, or what happened with their pizza.


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