A Woman Is Busted For Robbery Because She Accidentally Left Her Resume Behind


A woman was busted for robbing an elderly woman in Massachusetts back in August . . . because she accidentally left her RESUME behind.  She’s facing several felony charges.

Man, I hope for irony’s sake this woman put “good attention to detail” on her resume.

A 29-year-old woman named Lily Bodenlos from Naugatuck, Connecticut and a 37-year-old friend of hers named Melissa Mimitz broke into an elderly woman’s house in Springfield, Massachusetts back in August. Apparently they knew the woman’s daughter and knew she had money. They wound up tying up the woman . . . they pepper sprayed her to try to get her to tell them where she kept her money . . . and then they stole a bunch of stuff and took off.

But they got caught because Lily accidentally left one thing behind . . . her RESUME.

It’s not clear if she robbed the woman on the way to a job interview or if she just happened to have her resume on her, but either way, it led the cops right to her. Both Lily and Melissa were arrested last month, and they were just hit with seven felony charges, including home invasion with a firearm and kidnapping.


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