A Woman Robs a Store and Gets Arrested, Because She Brought Her Dog Along

A 26-year-old woman in Oklahoma City brought her dog with her when she robbed an ice cream shop on Sunday.  Then she had to scale a fence to get away . . . took too long because she had to help her dog over it . . . and got arrested.

Finally some payback for those people who insist on bringing their dogs EVERYWHERE . . .

A 26-year-old woman named Clara Aguirre robbed a burger place in Oklahoma City on Sunday while armed with a hammer.  And she brought her dog along for it. It’s a pit bull, but she left it outside.  So she didn’t bring it to up the intimidation factor or anything. She smashed a credit card machine with the hammer, and tried to take the entire cash register but it was bolted down.  So she broke it open, and ran off with a bunch of cash. The cops eventually caught up with her though, after she took too long scaling a few fences . . . because she had to help the DOG get over them. Her dog actually started running WITH the cops while they were chasing her, and thought it was a game.  She’s facing charges for robbery with a dangerous weapon.


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