“Star Wars” Trivia: Greedo Has Now Shot First Longer Than Han Solo Did

It’s been 21 years since GEORGE LUCAS released those “Special Editions” of the original “Star Wars” movies, which means that Greedo has now SHOT FIRST longer than Han did.  The Special Editions came out about 20 years after the originals were released.

Every old-school “Star Wars” fan knows that HAN SHOT FIRST.  In fact, there’s no real proof that Greedo shot at all!

For those of you who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about . . . In the “cantina scene” in the original “Star Wars”, an alien character named Greedo confronts Han Solo.  As the situation escalates, Solo takes out his blaster and guns Greedo down.

But when GEORGE LUCAS made all those changes to the original trilogy and re-released it in 1997, he used CGI to make it so that Greedo fires off a shot first . . . thus “justifying” Han killing him.

And those “Special Editions” are now the ONLY ones commercially available . . . so Greedo shooting first is pretty much the “official” scenario . . . which tends to upset old-school fans.

And if you want to upset them even MORE, share this little fact with them:  Greedo has now shot first LONGER than Han did.

The original “Star Wars” was released in May of 1977.  The “Special Edition” came out in January of 1997.  That’s just shy of 20 years.  Well, since it’s now January of 2018, Greedo has now shot first for 21 YEARS.  And counting.  Sorry, Jedis.


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