The Top 5 Tips for Planning Your Summer Vacation

If you haven’t started making your summer vacation plans yet . . . we can help with this list of The Top 5 Tips for Planning Your Summer Vacation.

#5 Make sure it conflicts with your spouse’s job, your daughter’s recital, and son’s baseball game, so they don’t have to go with you.

#4 Visit a National Park. Who knows? While hiking you may stumble on a pot farm!

#3 If you bring the dog, plan on stopping every few hours to get out of the car and wonder WHY THE CRAP YOU BROUGHT A DOG!

#2 If an old man at a rundown gas station tells you he knows a shortcut off the main road, for God’s sake, don’t take it.

#1 Before going to Disney World, double check that you’re clinically obese and currently wearing a fanny pack and sandals.


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