“THE GREATEST RACE AWAITS” On February 17, the stage will be set for racing’s greatest day. A day to feel the intensity and stay on the edge of your seat; a day to witness history and make lasting memories. This is the day you’ve been waiting for. This is the DAYTONA 500.


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12 Comments on "WIN KIX TIX TO THE DAYTONA 500!!!"

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  1. Greg Connell says:

    I want to win tickets to the Daytona 500!

  2. henry kelley says:

    love me some racing

  3. Marina Ricker says:

    I have been trying all week and finally called in and got qualified. I am trying to win the tickets for my husband who is veteran and a firefighter. He and I are celebrating 11 years of being together this month and this is going to be the best gift for him. He deserves so much and I know he would love this and to spend time with me. Either way we are grateful for even being qualified.

  4. Marina Ricker says:

    I am trying to win this for my husbands and mine 11 year anniversary and he works so hard as a firefighter on Moody’s AFB.
    He has devoted his life to serving others in more than one way.

  5. Shawn & Yank McDonald says:

    Shotgun, Brooke and Kickin Kevin are the BOMB!!! We would love to win tickets to the Daytona 500!!! What an amazing birthday present that would be….spending the day at the race!!

  6. Judie James says:

    I want to win tickets to the Daytona 500 !!!!!!!@@

  7. Judie James says:

    Please enter me in the Daytona Giveaway

  8. Tracy James says:

    My wife and I would love to be on our way to Daytona this weekend.

  9. Elizabeth Parker. says:

    Just Kixxy my name in on the Daytona 500 giveaway……..

  10. (in my best Shotgun voice) Kix Coouuunnttttrrry is the greatest!

  11. Susan Holloway says:

    I want to go!!!

  12. Susan Holloway says:

    Send me! Pleasssseeeee!!!!!

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