A Guy Is Arrested For Using a Fidget Spinner Like Brass Knuckles

A guy in Massachusetts started a fight with his girlfriend’s ex last week . . . and he used his fidget spinner like BRASS KNUCKLES.  He was arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Fidget spinners were trendy like a year ago.  So how did it take this long for someone to use them like THIS?

A guy named Jake Sprague from Abington, Massachusetts and his girlfriend went over to her ex boyfriend’s house last week and started yelling for him to come out.

The guy came out, and he and Jake started brawling.

And during the fight, Jake pulled out his FIDGET SPINNER . . . put his fingers through the holes . . . and used it like BRASS KNUCKLES.  I’m thinking he must’ve popped out the bearings so he could put his fingers in.

He wound up landing at least one fidget spinner punch to the other guy’s face before the cops got there.

Jake was arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.  Yes, the fidget spinner was the dangerous weapon.  Who knew?


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