A new study set out to determine which U.S. state ROCKS the hardest . . . and the result might surprise you.

Because it’s North Dakota . . . followed by South Dakota.  (???)

Vivid Seats conducted the study, and they ranked the states by comparing the population of each one to the number of hard rock and metal concerts that take place there each year.

It’s possible that the Dakotas are HUGE rock states . . . or maybe the population thing skewed the results . . . because the rest of the Top Five are:  Utah, Nevada, and Idaho.

The Dakotas are two of the five least-populated states.  Utah, Nevada, and Idaho are also in the bottom half, population-wise.

Perhaps not surprisingly, California hosts the most rock and metal shows overall, followed by Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio . . . the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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