A Tesla Engineer Has Created the Perfect Chocolate Chip for Maximum Taste and Melt

It’s good to see some of the finest engineering minds using their talents like THIS.

Remy Labesque is an engineer at Tesla.  But he’s also been moonlighting as . . . a chocolate designer.  Remy has been working with a company called Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco to engineer the perfect CHOCOLATE CHIP.

Basically, he applied all of his knowledge around industrial design and engineering to chocolate chips . . . and came up with a new shape that makes the chips MELT smoother and TASTE better.

After a lot of experimentation, the chips wound up looking like pyramids and, apparently, they really ARE better than normal chocolate chips.

But if you want them, it’s going to cost you.  Dandelion made them out of super premium chocolate, so for a bag that’s just over one pound, you’ll pay $30.  That’s roughly 10 times the cost of a bag of Nestle Toll House chocolate chips. 


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