A Woman Tries to Rip Out Her Husband’s Catheter During a Drunk Fight

A woman in Florida got into a drunk argument with her husband on Monday night . . . and she tried to yank out his CATHETER.  She was arrested for simple battery.


We get it, Florida.  You’re still Florida.  You can pump the brakes.

There’s a 57-year-old woman named Brenda Allen who lives in Tavares, Florida.  And on Monday night, she and her husband were hanging out at home, NAKED, getting drunk.

Well . . . they got in an argument.  And then Brenda escalated things by trying to yank out her husband’s CATHETER.

His doctor must have done a great job installing though, because she couldn’t pull it out.  So she chased him out of the house instead.

He called 911, and the cops came and arrested Brenda for simple battery.


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