CJB “Blue” helping out communities around Kix Country.

The CJB Companies (CJB Industries, Inc. and CJB Applied Technologies, LLC) Valdosta,  Georgia announce “Blue” hand sanitizer and CJB’s Pandemic Relief Program for local  businesses, charities and community service providers. 

On January 8th (9am to 4pm) and Saturday, January 9th (9am to 3pm) Blue Hand  Sanitizer will be available at the CJB facility, 701 Gil Harbin Industrial Blvd., Valdosta,  Georgia, as follows…  Schools, Police Forces, Fire Departments and 501c3 Charities in Lowndes, Brooks,  Cook, Berrien, Lanier and Echols Counties: 

Pandemic Relief Program Pricing ~ FREE! 

Businesses in Lowndes, Brooks, Cook, Berrien, Lanier and Echols Counties: Pandemic Relief Program Pricing Bring identification and proof of affiliation 

$60.00/Case. 4 x 1 gl Jugs/Case. $15/gl., less than $0.12/oz!  

Checks and credit cards only. 

And, CJB will make a $1.00/gl. donation to National FFA for each gallon sold. Minimum donation and purchase volume: 1 Case (4 gls). 

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