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Don’t Blame The Cat!

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The newest thing we’re buying like crazy is houseplants.  But will we be able to keep them alive?  43% of Americans in a recent survey admitted they’re either bad at taking care of plants, or aren’t sure they have the skills to keep one alive.

It’s not clear why.  Maybe we need something to take care of right now . . . or we’ve realized our Zoom backgrounds are just really boring. So will we actually keep all these plants alive, or will they wither and die?  A recent survey found that for almost half of us, the prospects aren’t great.

30% of Americans admitted they’re BAD at keeping plants alive.  And another 13% weren’t sure.  So that’s 43% who don’t seem too confident. 57% said they’re at least “somewhat” capable, including 1 in 5 people who think they’re “very good” at taking care of plants.

Men and women were equally likely to say they have a green thumb. But women were slightly more likely to say they’re terrible at keeping plants alive. 

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