Lorne Michaels Was Not Cool with John Belushi’s Drug Use on “SNL”

“Saturday Night Live” boss LORNE MICHAELS was NOT cool with JOHN BELUSHI’s drug use.

In an upcoming documentary called “Belushi”, Lorne talks about one time when Belushi showed up BLITZED before a show in February of 1979.

Quote, “He’d been out with Ronnie Wood [of the Rolling Stones] and he was a mess.  He was coughing, he looked terrible and the doctor says, ‘John can’t go on,’ and I was somewhere between rage and very little sympathy.”

“So I said, ‘What happens if he does it?’  He says, ‘Well, he could die?’  And I said, ‘What are the odds of that?’  And he said, ’50/50,’ and I said, ‘I can live with that.'”

Belushi did appear on the episode, which was hosted by Kate Jackson from “Charlie’s Angels”.

He died three years later, in 1982, from a mixture of heroin and cocaine.  He was 33.  

The documentary will premiere on Showtime on November 22nd.


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