Shotgun gets “Shotdown on social media site.

Friday, 99.5 Kix Country’s Shotgun Charlie Walker and 95.7 The Mix Jay Mathews were talking on Facebook having fun as they always do when Shotgun place a GIF of grandma Klump from “The Nutty Professor” and the line that Eddie Murphey made famous “I’d like to choke the life of of you!” As soon as it was posted, Charlie’s remark was red flagged with a statement from the company stating that his comment went against their “Community Standards.”

With all the negativity shuffled around on the social media site, is this more a “Our House, Our Rules” and gone to far with their policies or is this a misuse of authority disguised to stifle the first amendment? And, isn’t this the company whos very beginning should have been shutdown because of their use or abuse of “Community Standards?”

Should Shotgun and other people be reprimanded on Facebook?

Should Facebook reevaluate their “policies”?

Should Eddie Murphey be held accountable for his involvement in this and making Pluto Nash?

Let us know below…

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