“Shotgun’s” Top 5 Back-to-School Tips for Parents.

Many schools are back in session . . . which causes a lot of anxiety for parents. We have some ideas that might help lessen the tension on this list of “Shotgun’s” Top 5 Back-to-School Tips for Parents.

# 5 Call an Uber for your kid on the first day of school so you can get an early start to your day drinking.

# 4 Make sure your kid is single-masked if vaccinated. Double-masked if unvaccinated. And triple-masked if they look anything like you.

#3 Encourage your boy to pursue extracurricular activities like band, the robotics team, or algebra club. Because lord knows he won’t be filling his time with girls. Ha-ha-ha! NERD!!

# 2 When you’re getting your son a back-to-school haircut, resist the temptation to hand the barber a photo of Kim Jong-Un.

# 1 Put hand sanitizer somewhere in their backpack where they’ll find it . . . like next to the pot

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