Someone Stole a Tower . . . a 200-Foot Radio Tower

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Just a few weeks ago, a radio station in Oklahoma went off the air, after thieves cut down a broadcast tower . . . just to get $100 worth of copper from the cables.  But that’s NOTHING compared to THIS . . .

On Friday, a radio station in Alabama (WJLX) announced that someone had STOLEN an entire 200-FOOT STEEL TOWER.  (???)  Like, it’s gone, without a trace.

According to a Facebook post, the station owner said that a building was vandalized . . . every piece of equipment was stolen out of it . . . and they cut the wires to the tower, downed it, and took it from the property.

The owner doesn’t mention anything about surveillance . . . only to say that the police are investigating.

But something tells me that the thief (or thieves) WILL be tracked down . . . because SOMEONE had to see them making off with a 200-foot tower.

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