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The Top 5 Earth Day Fun Facts

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Since today is Earth Day, we are pleased to give you this list of The Top 5 Earth Day Fun Facts.

5 Kickin Kevin celebrates by recycling other people’s jokes.

4 If you ask really nicely on Earth Day, you may just get a lecture about how you’re single handedly responsible for murdering the Earth from your favorite self-righteous celebrity.

3 Planting a tree in your backyard is a good way to observe Earth Day. It’s a nice change for those who only use a shovel for digging shallow graves.

2 The U.S. is the second largest gross polluter in the world. But we’re coming for you, Billy Ray Cyruss!

1 Picking up trash is a popular Earth Day activity. So if you see my exwife hitchhiking, give her a ride!

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