The Top Rejected Mother’s Day Cards

If you’re getting Mom a card for Mother’s Day, you’re getting the greeting card company’s very best and not the ones they passed on.
For some of those, check out this list of The Top 5 Rejected Mother’s Day Cards.

#5 Take time to enjoy your special day . . . because in six months we put you away.

#4 Unlike your husband, or as I call him, “Daddy” . . . I’ll stay by your side, even though you’ve gotten flabby.

#3 Here’s some money just for you . . . use it to remove your swastika tattoo.

#2 I’m so grateful for all of the good times we’ve spent . . . I just have one question: Can you cover my rent?

#1 Where other moms look tired and worn . . . you’re still hot enough to do porn.


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