The Top Things We Lie About in Social Situations Are Our Job, Travel, and How Much We Exercise

I respect anyone who’ll look me in the eye and tell me they’re undateable . . . bad at their job . . . and pathetic in almost every way.  ‘Cause at least they’re being honest.

A new survey found close to a third of us are so desperate to impress people, we’ll LIE about our accomplishments if we need to.  Here are the top ten things we lie about or embellish when we’re with other people . . .

1.  Your job or how much responsibility you have.

2.  Your travel stories.

3.  How much you exercise.

4.  How much money you make.

5.  Your dating or sex life.

6.  Cooking skills.

7.  Past careers.

8.  Movies you’ve seen.  And books you’ve read just missed the Top 10.

9.  Baking skills.

10.  How great your relationship is. 


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