This Day In Kix-Tory!

69 years ago – In 1952, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, by Jimmy Boyd, entered the Top 40.

58 years ago – In 1963, President Johnson signed Executive Order 11129, which renamed NASA facilities into the John F. Kennedy Space Center.

22 years ago – In 1999, incredible “Match Game” host Gene Rayburn died at the age of 81.  “His corpse was so stiff . . .”  Anyone?  Hello?  “How stiff was it?”  Wow, tough crowd.  The spirit of Charles Nelson Reilly is SO not with you.

20 years ago – In 2001, Beatles legend George Harrison died at a friend’s home in L.A.  He was 58.

Four years ago – In 2017, NBC fired Matt Lauer over a smorgasbord of sexual harassment allegations . . . including exposing himself to female co-workers.

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