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Too Soon?

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Governor Kemp announced plans Monday to reopen the state’ before the end of the week, saying many businesses that closed to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus could reopen as early as Friday. Is it too soon. Let your voice be heard and vote below.

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  1. Charlie Stokesberry   On   at

    No it’s not to earlier, we should never shutdown. I have underlying health issues and I use common sense on how to take care of myself.

  2. Theresa   On   at

    Yes it’s too soon…I’m afraid our numbers are fixing to skyrocket

  3. Teresa   On   at

    Not at all. The virus is not going anywhere. We have to start living our lives again instead of existing in little bubbles trying to avoid it and hoping it doesn’t come to us. This is not the first pandemic and it won’t be the last. Get a grip people. This is honestly no different than having the flue come around year after year or any of the other nasty viruses that have come.

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