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What Have You Done in the Past Few Weeks That You Rarely Ever Did Before?

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The rules have really changed a lot over the past two weeks and we’re all finding ourselves doing stuff we never really did before. HERE’S THE TOP 10

1.  Worked from home.

2.  Participated in a video call.

3.  Wiped with something other than toilet paper.  (Yes, really.  There’s been a 75% jump in the number of people doing this in the past few weeks.  It used to be 4% of people who’d done this.  Now that’s up to 7%.)

4.  Exercised at home.

5.  Went grocery shopping at an independent or corner store.

6.  Paid attention to the news.

7.  Ordered grocery delivery.

8.  Played a board game.

9.  Went to a butcher.

10.  Ordered food delivery. 

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